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  2. Friday, 08 November 2019

1. A week ago I downloaded Quick start pack Helix Ultimate free. I did some testing in localhost to see if it fits my project, everything worked ok.

2. Then I purchased and downloaded Gazzete.

3. I installed it on the same localhost, upgrading to Joomla 3.9.12 (tests were done on 3.9.11).

4. Everything worked ok. I Defined languages (bilingual)

5. I created categories and custom fields (I use a lot), defined associations.

6. I uploaded articles (always from the backend and with joomla/JCE editor) in order to create after menus. Everything was OK.

7. At some point, I opened one of the articles which I had already uploaded, to edit it again. Almost all values from custom fields were empty. I reopened all articles. At some custom fields the values were ok, at some categories everything was ok, at others all values were missing…

8. To close the articles I need to redefine the values in the mandatory custom fields, I do so but when I reopen it the values are gone. Going crazy.

I have not uploaded any extensions except the necessary (akeeba) and one extension I need. I had already tested them before.

The only weird thing I see, is that Gazzete seems to be running version 1.1, not a 1.2, and it doesn't let me upgrade.

I need help!
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custom fields are managed by Joomla itself.

Gazette is the front-end template ONLY, version doesn't matter.
The template cannot delete the content of article custom fields it would be madness.
I hope you edit articles from back-end.
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Thats exactly what i do... thanks for your quick respond, i 'll keep serching it, any ideas would be helpful...
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1) If this may help ... Change template to any other, then check again
2) Use Official Joomla Forum, maybe somebody had a similar case before, here nobody as I know.

Personally I manage 7 sites with custom fields + HU and no weird behavior.
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