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  2. Sunday, 22 September 2019

I created some pages with pictures which I resized using the option "custom addon width" in the "advanced" tab.
To center them on the pages I was told to use "auto" in the "style" tab (see attachment)

It worked perfectly until Page Builder installed an update which made my pictures and content left-alligned again. When I remove the option "custom addon with" the pictures are again centered but way too big.

Can I set an option to fix this or do I have to manually resize the pictues before uploading?

Thanks for your help!
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Thanks for your query. I actually find the custom width is working fine in my end. Would you please check this screencast https://files.fm/u/wtc96xss
You can also upload custom sized image if the custom addon width won't work for you.

-Best Regards
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