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  2. Tuesday, 11 August 2020
Hello Support,

Please can you help me with the css code to change the "Let Us Improve" and "buttons" colors including the hover colors in the following survey link:


Note: I have sent this request to the extension developer but it didn't work.

Hi Ahmad,

The colors are rendered by your template bootstrap css file. Please check your template documentation to customize them.


If you want to change them manually, you can inspect the elements and apply the css. For example, to customize the button color, use below css

.btn-primary {background-color:
#007bff; border-color: #007bff}


Thanks in advance.
Regards, Ahmad
Accepted Answer
Use this custom css

.survey-title a{
.survey-title a:hover{
color:#d66198 !important;
.btn-primary {
color: #fff;
background-color: #f970da;
border-color: #ca5cb8;

Add this css code inside the custom.css file.
Note: Path towards custom CSS:
Click on your current default template name then choose Template Options.
Then find custom CSS within the custom code.
In Extensions>Template> Template Options > Custom Code > Custom CSS please add this
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