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Hi, I use OneClip on my domain. On page have contact form extension, but, fields for contact are messed up in mobile view. I contact extension developer about that and they give me answer:

Dear customer, our component tries to inherit the CSS (layout) as much as
possible from your template's CSS file in order to have the same look
& feel, however, your template is loading a customized Bootstrap file
which does not add all the CSS rules for small screens.

I'd recommend you to contact your template developer to fix it.

Can you please help me with this, thank you
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Could you please share your website address ? So that I can check it for you.

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Hi there,

It's your extension issue because In small device they are using span4 instead of span12 or span6. Check bellow line :

<div class="ce-cf-container cf-type-name span4 col-md-4 " data-ordering="1" id="ce-cf-container-1" style="">

You can see here they are using span4 instead of span12 on mobile device.

Now to fix this mobile device issue you need to work on this extension.

Thank You.
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