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  2. Saturday, 15 December 2012
I see post that have been saying you're going to update the doc but no update has been released. I would really like to know how to recreate the shop page aswell as the top menus
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No one gonna answer would renew my subscription if i could get some answers
Sorry, for late response we had weekend and a holiday. Please, tell your problem in details with some screen shot.
well i just ran into one with virtuemart template but this concerns the docs. I was wondering how to create the shop page like the demo. but my current problem is the cart button over lapping description
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As early as possible we will update crux documentation.
Now you install crux quick start pack for demo. After install follow the settings of Virtuemart Configuration Tab(Shopfront, Template, Pricing...).

Then add products to follow Crux ->Virtuemart -> Product Tab.

Note that in Crux Shop page, image width:180 and height: 240
Alright thx for that but currently I would like to fix the above problem in the attachment

Virtuemart: 2.0.14
Joomla: 2.5.8
Any help?
Did you follow this:

after follow this pm your admin access if not solve.
This is the same website that I am working on.

Ok so our store is setup as follows

Product Categories -> Products

ON the Products page is where cart is over lapping the description

But on demo the shop goes straight to a Category / Product Page all in the same which is all fine

I have set the config size to the 180 x 240 and the cart still overlaps the description on the product page. On top of that the image on the second row covers up the price of the product above it.

When you say - "Then add products to follow Crux ->Virtuemart -> Product Tab." I have been thru Virtuemart and cannot find anywhere where I can do this.

Also I see that you have your Demo store made with K2 Articles, there is no documentation to really do that but out of the box can we still make this work without K2?

We cant continue the opening of this store if this glitch is not fixed.

Please respond as soon as possible as we are shut down until this can be fixed.

Thank You!
Please, PM your admin access.
I'm not trying to recreate the demo shop I'm just trying to run the store normally
Please, check your virtuemart configuration and do css for this.

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