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  2. Monday, 02 February 2015
Hello Joomshaper support team,

I have a site that is about to go live in several days. My client noticed a problem with the responsive menu on Apple devices (both Iphone and Ipad). He indicated that the menu is not responding and that some levels of the menu are not clickable. I've tested the responsive menu on my Android device. Chrome browser worked flawlessly but using FireFox I did notice a problem selecting menu items from the drop down menu. Items I intended to click did not get clicked, or in some cases, close by items got clicked instead.

Is this a well known issue? If so, how can it be resolved?

Thank you in advance,

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This came to me just seconds after the post. I believe I've solved the problem. It was related to wrong floating in RTL. The > sign was floated to the right and as result it was to close to the menu item itself and caused the problems.
I've added the following lines and it seems to work:
.rtl .sp-mobile-menu ul li span.sp-menu-toggler {
float: left;
Still waiting for the clients approval on his Apple devices but on Android it works with all browsers.
Hope this will help some lost soul in the future.
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