1. Nedim Hukic
  2. Newsberg
  3. Friday, 24 July 2020
is there any options to create Megamenu with same design like in demo menu MEGA but i need tabs on the left side like it is now but on the right side to show SP Page Builder module with vehicle images and links on each image which lead to full vehicle description. At the moment MEGA menu show custom SP Tabbed Articles and I don't know is it possible to keep design just change source on the right side.

My demo page is: https://webstudio-nesa.ba/citroen/ - Menu VOZILA
What I need is: https://www.citroen.si/ - Menu VOZILA

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Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us. You can try to use the tab addon with a custom tab layout.

I have made a demo for you

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