2. Monday, 18 July 2016
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I uploaded an image for the Coping with Conflict course that is the same size as my other courses but when I select on my website

http://margiblash.com/varsita/index.php/lms/courses or


the image for the course: Coping with Conflict is larger than the other courses.

How do I control this?
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easy to solve & fix.
Please upload 2nd image "Coping with conflicts" a little bit higher. Now it has only 150px - must be 189px. And image width also should be wider.
Check image! No magic just facts.
In case of similar problems in future you can also use:
.splms-courses-list img.splms-course-img {
max-height: 189px;

in custom.css file.
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How do I make changes to a course page in Sp page Builder or in shaper_varista template?

I want to link a course page:


to another website http://facilitated-methods.thinkific.com/courses/pmp-review where the course will be available to buy and play.
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SP LMS is a component and SP Page Builder is a component also,
in Joomla you cannot use both on this same page :(

But inside content you can put links to other sites.
Beside under or above you can publish module with all you want.

All advanced changes/customizations must be done in SP LMS views - PHP/HTML/CSS knowledge required
it's possible but it's beyond support
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