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since a few weeks i recognize that all your update sites arenĀ“t available. (see attachment)

The solution is to modifiy the record in #__update_sites from beginning "http://" into "https://". Then Joomla can read the XML files.
My Joomlas are also provided only via "https"!

If a update from you follows, the entry is again in "http" and the error occurs. Please update just your update sites xml parts.

Nice day
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Thanks for your query. Just try to uninstall & re-install sp pagebuilder. Before take step this procedure, please keep backup of your site.

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This happens for all of your Extensions including Helix, the Frameworks and Modules. Not only SP Pagebuilder.
Uninstalling Pagebuilder is no good idea when the uninstaller removes all its records!
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Hi Roland,

There is no need to include https:// in Joomla extensions update server definition in manifest files. Please have a look at this Joomla's official "Deploying an Update Server" Wiki on this.

I would suggest upgrading our extensions manually, that is installing a new installation pack over the given extension existing install, WITHOUT uninstalling it beforehand. That should work.


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