1. Yamas
  2. Monday, 11 May 2020
I am trying to get the background of the main menu to be present at all times. At the moment it looks like this (depending on how wide you make the browser):

Once you start scrolling, it looks like this:

The transparent one is nice, but depending on how someone sizes the window, and the photos I use, it could be on a black or white background, making it hard to choose a color that would work to make the menu readable.

So, I am wondering if there is a setting to make the background like in the second screenshot but even unscrolled, and where it might be.

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yes, it should be possible, and quite easy to get.
You have to use a single line of custom CSS, here is example code:

.transparent-header #sp-header:not(.header-sticky) {background: white;}
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  2. Yamas
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Could you please share your site URL? it would be better for me to solve this issue
-Best Regards
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  2. Yamas
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  2. Yamas
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That is perfect Paul! Thanks!
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  2. Yamas
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