1. SP Page Builder 2.x (not supported version)
  2. Thursday, 20 July 2017
Hi, I am using a componennt called plotalot that created charts and it has a plugin that can let me show charts anywhere in my content. I wich to add a chart toa pagebuilder page but I don't understand how to call my plugin to run on that page and display the code.

I have tried to use the plugin directly in Raw HTML addon, but it doens not render the plugin.
{plotalot id="20"}
I tried this too: <?php echo JHTML::_('content.prepare', '{plotalot id="20"}');?> and this is not workking .

Help would be nice if anybody knows how to display a plugin inside PB
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right now the only way is:
1) Use Custom Module
2) Options > Prepare content > Yes
3) In textarea insert shortcode
4) Publish module
5) Then use it inside Module addon (SPPB)

In most cases it work.
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Hi Paul, This is working, so I need to create as many modules as I have charts to show and the I can integrate into content. From what I see it works.

Thank you
Any way to do this without using a Module ? Any plans to add prepare content as an option for the page itself or atleast on an addon level ?
yes, it's inside our list-to-do, too many people asked for this so far.
Any update on this feature?
I can't believe this is still not available it seem a simple code change from this forum
We are working on SP Page Builder 4 now, I hope in that version it will be implemented,
not sooner.

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