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  2. Saturday, 15 February 2014
If there was a contacts link or a get your money back here link, perhaps people wouldn't get so upset and demand money back..
The reason people get upset is because they spend money, then have a hard time finding answers.
If the template was quick and easy to set up I'd be happy to pay for it or even on sell it in my web seminar next week (with approx. 30 people wanting tourism websites).
It was just very frustrating and the instructions are written in broken english.
Thank you for being prompt with the refund, I now feel that you aren't so dodgy, but really think you need to make it easier for people to contact you, (perhaps via email so it's private??)
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I attempted another install this morning and everything is working fine, I have no idea what I done differently, but today it works.
I have seen the refund info and being that I did make it work, I've re-paid the subscription.

Attn others: These guys are all good, don't be a hot head like me, be patient and they will respond.

Sorry team for being a dumbarse

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Nice to see that it works for you :)
We are working hard to provide better customer support.
Thanks very much.
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