1. SP Quick Contact (Module, not addon)
  2. Wednesday, 10 July 2019

i use your great SPPB and i'm happy and all my clients so.
I need to set your contact form in AMP and i don't know if there is a code and css to set it in AMP.
Do you have this in your box ?
Thanks a lot
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Hi Jérôme,
1) You have chosen the wrong forum category, please read before choosing.
2) All PHP/JS code customizations are in users hands only.
3) Tip: How to override addon, look SPPB Documentation > How To Do
then you can safely edit addon (site.php) code. If you would decide to customize the code.

Sorry, I cannot help more.

I have seen WP Contact Form 7 Support for AMP, but it was a premium plugin $49. So I guess it's not so easy task.
Hy Paul

thanks for your return
i will see that
Thanks a lot

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