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  2. Monday, 11 February 2019
HELP! Something horrible has happened! I clicked "Update Google Fonts" hoping to have access to more font-weights and now my entire Cuisine font styles are gone! Also, I can not select any font from the typography lists. How can I restore the template fonts from Cuisine???

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do not panic**.
Please download, unzip, and upload* file here: templates\shaper_cuisine\webfonts
(it's fresh font list)

* Use FTP tool.
** Google changed policy.
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Oh thank you!!! I have uploaded the file and now I can select fonts. (Relief!) Do you by chance have a screen shot of the Cuisine template default fonts? I loved the Cuisine template fonts. If not, I can experiment. Let me know. Thank you again Paul!!
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Actually Paul, I am figuring out the fonts....no worries. Thanks again SO much for your quick reply and help to restore things. You are the best. I really appreciate it.
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By default that template use 4 fonts

Useful tip, use them from typography section.

body {font-family:Merriweather, sans-serif; font-weight:normal; }
h1 {font-family:Montserrat; font-weight:700; }
h2 {font-family:Montserrat; font-weight:700; }
h3 {font-family:Montserrat; font-weight:700; }
h4 {font-family:Exo; font-weight:600; }
h5 {font-family:Exo; font-weight:500; }
h6 {font-family:Exo; font-weight:500; }
.sppb-title-heading {font-family:Cookie; font-weight:normal; }

Thanks, and have a beautiful and creative day.
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