1. Kidzy
  2. Friday, 13 March 2020
I have Kidzy theme installed and need to change style of the buttons in the home page slider from 3d to outline. How can we do this please?

On my test site here you will see the buttons using custom css for this page:

and we need this style applied in the home page slider:


We have styled those small buttons in our custm.css and used the same button ID to paste them into Joomla articles where needed. The button is to the same URL.

Thanks if you can help!
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It would be very kind of you if you give some screenshots of what you actually want. Because in my end in home page slider button and the other page button have the same design. Maybe I am not able to understand it easily. If you explain it more or give some screenshot it would be better for me to solve this issue
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