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I'm struggling with the issue that in the mobile version of my site the menu is an off canvas menu. However, the symbol for the off canvas menu (the three horizontal bars) do not appear in the header bar but under it. The header bar is sticky and so is the symbol. It does not change its relative position.

How do I manage to put it to the right of the logo?

I do not think that the logo size is the problem because I tried multiple variants with very tiny logos and the problem persists.

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My Video should tell you more
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In template Options > Layout builder > Change columns size for logo and menu - for smartphone view,
summany of both should be 12, so for example give for logo 7 and menu 5
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Thanks for your reply.

I'm not sure I follow you completely. I am in the Helix3 framework backend. I open the Layout tab. I see the 'Header' row. It has two columns: 'logo' and 'menu'. When I hover over 'Add columns' I see various options to partition the row. I had selected 5 for the logo and 7 for the menu. I tried various other ratios but apart from size changes of the logo, nothing has changed in the smartphone view.

Where would I find the smartphone view-specific partition ratios?
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Thanks a lot! It works now :)
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