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  2. Wednesday, 23 March 2016
Is there a possibility to change a template using a menu?
lets say i have a menu item "Choose a template" and the sub menu would be "Helix 3" and "Protostar"
if i choose the helix 3 it will change into helix 3 template
and if choose the protostar template it will change into protostar template

Note: I set the default template to Helix 3
but when i try to change it to protostar it actually works but when i try to click some of the menus it will go back to the Default template
which is helix 3 is there a way that it would not mess the menu, i mean if you change to protostar all of the menus will be protostar template and if i
choose the helix 3 all of the menus will change also

Thank you
Accepted Answer

Thanks for your query. I would request to you that, please check this url.

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