1. Spectra
  2. Wednesday, 19 September 2012
In the template manager, there are only 3 preset styles to choose from but the template has 8 styles total. How can I change it to style6?

Thank you!
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Sorry we forget to add 8 preset in "templateDetails.xml" .Please go the following path "templates\shaper_spectra" and add 8 preset style "templateDetails.xml line no. 150.

Just paste it.

<option value="style1">Style1</option>
<option value="style2">Style2</option>
<option value="style3">Style3</option>
<option value="style3">Style4</option>
<option value="style3">Style5</option>
<option value="style3">Style6</option>
<option value="style3">Style7</option>
<option value="style3">Style8</option>
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