1. Maxima
  2. Monday, 25 May 2015

I have some troubles with the search component. it looks very wrong. All the results comes right after each other without any breaks, and it doesnt look very nice for a professional website. i looked at your other templates and found that the search component in the free helix3 template works very well. is there any way i can get that search component on my website(Maxima template) and if so which files should i move or edit.

i have attached two pictures:

maximaSearch.PNG which the one i currently use.
helix3Search.PNG which is the one i would like to use.

Hope anyone can help me, if you need me to be more specific just tell me.

Kind Regards
Michael Kirkegaard
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Accepted Answer
Hi Michael,

Please create an empty /templates/shaper_maxima/css/custom.css file and put into it the following new styles:

dl dt, dl dd {
display: block;


.result-title {
padding-top: 30px;


Just play with the value for the padding-top rule of the .result-title class to cater for your own taste. See how it goes.


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