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How do you change the text/wording of "User Profile SP Author Archive"

when this plugin is installed on your site?

On the registration page, this wording/text is shown. Need to change it to something better.
Have tried to to do a language override but that does not work.

Cheers Adam
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this phrase is inside those language files
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Basic method of translation

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Can't get this to work.

I go to English, location site do a search for the text - nothing shows up.

I go to English Admin find administrator\language\en-GB\en-GB.plg_user_profilespaarchive.ini

Change text and nothing happens on the frontend

As this is admin language, not site language.

How else can I change the text?

Cheers Adam
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Make a 60 sec test.
1) RENAME /language folder from root
2) Refresh front-end view, and check what phrase you will get
BIG LETTERS or still "User Profile SP Author Archive" ??
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Thanks That worked.

just a couple of other issues with this registration page.

1- There are 2 places on the registration form that asks for

"Author Avatar (optional)" and 'LMS Avatar (optional)"

I have SP Auther Archive and SP LMS. Can I just use one profile upload for both extensions

If so, how can I hide one?

2 - I can't find where to change the text "LMS Avatar (optional)" What is the language file?

3 - Also how can I hide fields? I don't what to ask for Citizenship or Age.

There should be an option for the layout of the registration page and author bio box. Need to be able to pick and choose options.

Maybe even have the Author registration in a dropdown box so users that are signing up can skip over it easier and those users who want to be an author can click to open the details for the author registration. (same for LMS Avatar) Would like the registration clean and simple for both types of users registering on the site.

Some people might only want to register to add a comment and are faced with all these unnecessary questions and fields to fill out. So they don't bother registering and leaving a comment.

Or how about a different registration page of each extension.

You have one for - normal Joomla registration
- Sp Author Archive registration
- One for SP LMS registration.

Then I can send them to the correct registration page.

Thanks, Adam
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ad 1) those are two different components, sorry but we didn't plan to join them yet, so I cannot help now

ad 2) search com_splms .ini file in language folder

ad 3) from LMS?
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