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  2. Friday, 03 April 2020
I am translating the content into the Portuguese language according to the website by the main files.

language \ en-GB \ en-GB.mod_sp_vmajaxsearch.ini
language \ en-GB \ en-GB.mod_sp_vmcategorymenu.ini
language \ en-GB \ en-GB.mod_sp_vmslider_ii.ini
language \ en-GB \ en-GB.mod_sp_vmcountdown.ini

I didn't find where to change the name and hint of the "add to cart" button to another name.

What option and file should I modify?
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search in template .ini file
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I looked at the reported file and didn't identify it. The details button is in the file below:

But I didn't find the file for the add to cart button.

Can you help me which file is located the button label bo settings?
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