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I asked it before but then I solved my problem in another way. But again I have the need to order the columns in a row that I created in the lay-out builder in Helix ultimate.

When I place this piece of code: order-first order-lg-2
after this code: class="col-lg-6 in the chrome inspector the columns are reordering as I would like. This is a bootstrap feature.

But when I place the code: order-first order-lg-2
In the column of the row that I created in the layout builder. I do not see it in the code.

How can I make it work? Any idea? the code works but the layout builder does not seem to accept it.

Where can I find this code on the server ? which file? Then I can override it manually.
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Hi there,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry to say that, this feature doesn't exist. If you share your site URL, i will try to manage a solution for you.

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I can not share the site url unfortunately. It is behind a lock.

I created a row with two columns. In mobile view the second column is ordered as 2th ( below the first column ) but I want this column to be displayed first.

In Bootstrap 4 you can change the order of the columns in mobile view. So I would like to use this valid piece of code:
order-first order-lg-2

This is what I did first:
I created rows and columns:

Then I addd code in the column that I want to move up in mobile view:

Then I would expect this outcome:
It seems the code placed in step two is not accepted and placed in the correct place.

And when I add that line in chrome inspector I can see the code works fine

But I can not get the code in the appropriate place ..

Hope this makes it more clear..

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Hi there,

Can you show me a screenshot that will be better to understand your issue or that you want to do exactly?

Also, Please share your site URL.

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