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  2. Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I use RokPad for editing custom HTML and I want to be able to use it. The SP Builder's default editor is very bad and i don't like the idea that the SP Builder filter and edit my custom code. For example, this code:

<pre class="line-numbers"><code class="language-markup">
&lt;div class="benefits"&gt;
&lt;div class="number&gt;&lt;span&gt;1&lt;/span&gt;&lt;/div&gt; Any text for an example.

SP Builder editor result:

<pre class="line-numbers"><code class="language-markup">
&lt;div class="benefits"&gt;
&lt;div class="number&gt;1&lt;/div&gt; Any text for an example.

Please, fix that. I want use RokPad in SP Builder.

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Yes right now only JCE (which also have html mode) and TinyMCE.
OK. I will talk about it with developer to add support at least "CodeMirror" which is core editor.
Please use TinyMCE or JCE Editor. Both are most popular for Joomla. Right Now, we no plan to add support for another editor.

How to get the default editor into SP page builder. My default is tinyMCE but I dont get this inside the page builder
How to get the default editor into SP page builder. My default is tinyMCE but I dont get this inside the page builder

Normally, Addon of SP Page Builder runs with TinyMCE editor or you can choose JCE Editor. You should use Text Block addon then you will get TinyMCE Editor.

Hi Joomshaper,

My first post after buying the builder.
If i will use it the first of many haha (hang on tight).

At first i want to say great job it is really nice what you have build!

You just should activate the default editor.
I use the Ark Editor and i think it is not working.

On allot of extensions you can say use the default or use this one :-)

What editor people use is theres to deside and not yours if you ask me.

Great Eastern!
Hi Joris,

Ark Editor is not compatible with the page builder.
You can use TinyMCE editor or JCE Editor.

Hi Nayem,

Thanks for your reply on Eastern.

But why not just activate the default joomla editor and the Editor buttons?
On all extensions i know i can load ARK editor because they use the default joomla chosen editor.
Hikashop, acymailing, k2, portfolio systems, and so on.
I use Ark and Ark Media for over 2 years on everything and i am not going to use JCE :-)

I also use Droppics, and use Regular labs with templates but they are also not loaded. Or is there no content rendering in your pages?
So there should be rendering content and the buttons under my editor if you ask me.

The gallery option of the SPbuilder is not easy enough for my users so i need an other option.
I do not want to make items with thumb and big one. Just select multiple images i want and SP can make thumbs.
Technically difficult but that is what end users want, and i bought SPbuilder because i want to help users that are not Nerds and still can add all kinds of stuff :-)

I know i can sometimes a bid hard with my tone of voice. Know that i like the builder allot but there are some things that makes it allot better if you ask me ;-)

Thanks for your reply!
Hi Nayem,
Still i do not have any answer to this.

How can i use my own editor in this builder?
Here you can download a free version.

If you want to test i can send you the pro in person.

You can make this editor compatible with inline editing and your page builder so users can have a better experience.
The feature inline editing is yet missing in your pagebuilder ;-)
We have to consider it in future. I mean support of other editors. Right now TinyMCE and JCE only.
Sorry. There is no chance to add ARK editor right now. Thanks
Hi Nayem,

Just load the default editor like all extensions do...
If it breaks i will try to fix it with Ark Editor and can send you the fix.
They are really helpfull in any situation.

I pay allot for Ark and work on almost 100 sites with them and i do not switch to JCE for this.

I am sorry but if you do not load the default editor i hope there is a moneyback possibility because i am not going to give my customers 2 different edtiors.
For articles an media an articles i still need the other editor.

I really like this builder and i think it could be really populair and i would definitly want to use it, but not if getting my own editor give this much trouble. Then i will definitly going to be a pain in the ass for you guys and for myself :-D

Have a great day.

I got your point and sorry for your inconvenience. Could you explain what is the meaning of "If it breaks i will try to fix it with Ark Editor and can send you the fix." that you stated above.

Well as far is i know loading the Ark editor is not a big job.
Making sure that after loading there are no issues and giving support for it is more work.
I have had this issue before and they just changed a file that says what editor are allowed to load.

So if you make it possible to load ark or tell me how i can do a core hack and i can test ARK and fix issues with ARK Extensions if they appear :-)

But i stick to my opinion that you should load in any case the default editor and not an editor chosen by you.
If it breaks with my editor it is my problem and you can say sorry i do not give support for that editor.

What Ohanah has is Use default ohanah editor or use the default joomla editor.
When you switch to an other editor you could say that there is no support for other editors than JCE or Tiny..
sorry, I can't promise you that we will add support for ARK editor. Can be added in future but not sure.
So, current editor choice is tinyMCE or JCE.

You do not need to give support.
Just load the default joomla editor.
I really do not see the problem.

If i can't choose my own editor i would be grateful to get cancel my subscription and get my money returned.

Technically it is not easy to load a editor using javascript where editor can be duplicate or drag & drop. Normally we see php loaded or server side loaded form field. so, that is easy and loaded by Joomla!

And if we add ARK editor, Drag & Drop can be an issue ( not sure, have to check).

Hi Nayem,

Thanks for your reply!

Drag and drop? you mean that i could drop images in the text field to upload them?
Personally i do not use that option and do not tell my customers it is possible because where is it going and how big is it :-)

I am not a programmer so do not know the problems with javascript loading. If i create a module with my program skills i just tell it is an textearea and it is loaded, and the default editor is loaded. So that is probably Form field loaded :-)

The biggest problem of default editor and JCE are for me the difficult image manager.
So maybe it is better if you guys make a button add media in you editor and it would be already allot easyer.
You already have an image system, only there will be a few extra options on insert i think (width height and stuff) :-D

I think Ark will be used more and more often, JCE is a bit old fasion and to much focused on nerds and not people who have no experience with website's. More and more often users with no experience need to maintain website's.
Joomla is behind for those users thats why Wordpress is more populair.

But that is just what i think ;-)

Have a great day!

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