1. Calcio
  2. Thursday, 31 January 2019

How do I have the same template layout in category blog to also be used for articles?

My client wants article image & title to display like in the category blog where the main image is only 75% of the window with a "right" hand column.

Right now, the article template displays main image at 100% of the window and no right column.

I'm unsure how to just have my articles to be the same layout as the category blog.

Can you please help?

For example, here is how my category blog displays:

If you click on any of the titles, the main image takes up the entire width of the page. My client doesn't want that anymore. She wants it to be similar to how category blog displays.

Please help!

Thank you!
An :)
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I'm basically just trying to get the article layout to include a right column at 25%, as it is in the category blog. And, move the main component area where SP Pagebuilder will take up 75% of the page.

Thank you!
An :)
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