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  3. Wednesday, 26 July 2017
After I update all Templates that I am using in Live websites I have seen that some confugirations are overwritten
- Favicon
- costum Buttons for downloads ...

Thats a lot of work to repair these constumations. Is there another solution to fix it ?
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ad 1) You mean that you have to choose favicon again or icon file has been overridden ?

ad 2) It depends how you made them? If all was in custom.css - is not possible to lose it.
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1) I used an own favicon in template folder, its overwritten

2) I costumized my own buttun styles
-> primary button, Warning Button and default - evry button with a own style. after update Template - all layouts are resetted. Did made this in costum css

How can I save these changes that the buttons will looks like they should ...

Do you have an example for a buttopn in costum.css ?
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ad 1) So you have the answer. Next time upload to /images/ and select from it.
ad 2) It all depends what class names you used, maybe you used auto-generated ID before class which might changed. It just suppose ... but I am sure that custom.css file wasn't overridden.
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