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I am using SP Pagebuilder along with the helix 3 template.

We use the built in joomla banners to display banner adds, however these always appear aligned left, we want them centred. I have google about and tried doing some of the suggestions however nothing seems to work. Wondering as because we build the pages using pagebuilder if there is something we can do in there?

I have tried aligning the columns using page builder but again that doesnt work :(

Help please.

Example on http://11thBasingstoke.org/parents. You can see the easyfundraising banner.
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because you have to center image in your img HTML code.

For quick one, you may use this:

.banneritem a {
margin: 0 auto;
display: block;
max-width: 500px;
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That's worked perfectly. Thank you so much :)
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