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  2. Wednesday, 17 June 2020

I have problem with special caracter in heding fonts can we fix this somehow? Its nice font but Č, Ć, Ž, Š...

On screenshut is example
Link of example:

Best regards:

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Accepted Answer
it's a problem with font, not all of them support special, native chars.
Sorry, you have to find an alternative font. I cannot help more.
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Thanx Paul,

do you have an idea for some similar font?

Btw do You like conversion "Cusine" into a web store?
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1) On google Fonts there are > 900 fonts, try your luck. We have Polish Font developers on Google Fonts, so maybe there is at least one from your country.
2) I am not here to evaluate projects. So far, for me e-shop it's not finished.
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