1. SP Page Builder 2.x (not supported version)
  2. Thursday, 12 January 2017
Hello, I am just starting to use Page Builder 2: my first addon is Carousel Pro. I've added only two items, and enabled both the controllers and navigation arrows. When I click on the controller button for the 2nd item, it disappears; when I let it progress automatically to the 2nd item, it disappears; but when I progress using the arrow navigation, there is no problem. Could you take a look at this issue? Thanks!

You can see the issue here --> http://cbcva.nononsenseweb.com/
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For some added direction, I was watching the transition from slide to slide in Firebug, and div id="sppb-carousel1" has an inline style top-margin that continues to go 0px to -550px (550px is the height of the background images of both of the carousel items). Hope this helps pinpoint the problem.
I have visited your site and got below message.

403: Access Forbidden
Your location (BD) has been blacklisted.

Please make Bangladesh as whitelisted country location. Also mention your template name too.

Sorry about that! it should be accessible now. I'm using a Rockettheme template (Versla) on the Gantry5 framework, mainly for the navigation and a few particles that I'm hoping to use in conjunction with your PageBuilder.
Also, just so you know, I have deleted the Carousel pro addon, removed the row, and added a new row and tried the carousel pro again, and it is still doing the same thing (2nd slide disappearing when advanced with the controller dots or if it advances on its own; not when you click the navigation arrow)...
could you send me super admin access then let me check.
Sent the credentials in a direct message. Thanks for looking into it!
RokBox plugin http://www.rockettheme.com/joomla/extensions/rokbox is conflicting with the carousel. Page Builder has most popular Bootstrap Carousel. We are recommended not to use RokBox and choose an alternative popup modal system or contact with Rocket Theme.

Note I have disabled "RokBox System Plugin" and Carousel is working now.

Awesome, Nayem! Thanks for your help!
Awesome, Nayem! Thanks for your help!

You are welcome. If you need, don't dare to ask question in forum or contact with me.

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