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  2. Wednesday, 17 October 2018
I bought the onepage template yesterday. My tech specs are PHP 7.1; Joomla 3.8; MySQLi 5.6; PostgreSQL 8.4. The template appears in the preview (kind of) but the rest of the backend looks like the protostar. Yes I set the default template to onepage. I am attaching two screen shots - one showing the frontend and one showing the template preview and another showing the template capability.
onepage displays incorrectly.png onepage templage preview.png onepage templage style page.png
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It is fully okay, how long you use Joomla? I guess short period.
You should know that template doesn't contain demo content.
If you want to have demo look 1:1 - please install QuickStart.
It's a complete demo website: Joomla 3.8+ package (containing Joomla CMS, components, modules, chosen template), template with all the configurations, and data that we used on the demo site consist the quickstart package.

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I contacted your organization before I bought the template. I checked that my hosting service had the minimum specifications. I note on your forum that other people have had the same difficulty as myself. Of course, I only noticed that after I had the difficulty. How can one look up an unknown problem? As to how long I have been using Joomla - 4 years and I maintain my website well. Any template I have ever seen Iand I have seen several) comes with module and article content. What makes Joomla easy to use is you just replace the content. I would like my money back.

Thank you,
Marianne Cohn
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you mean that you installed quickstart and you got empty site?

Most users make simple mistakes, we cannot predict all behaviors/knowledge of users. That's why I gave you info/link.
if you do not help anymore, sure , it's your right to ask for refund via contact form https://www.joomshaper.com/contact

Marianne Cohn was French Resistance fighter. She didn't give up so quickly.
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