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We are using the SP Simple Youtube plugin on our website, http://www.keepthecash.org. Even though they have different positions, the page seems to be using the same video for both entries.

{loadposition 5livebreakfast}

{loadposition video}

Within both of these modules, they have different youtube ID's, so we are unsure as to why this is happening?

Any Ideas?

Many Thanks
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Kawshar Ahmed
Senior Staff
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Seems both are working.
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The html has changed since I logged the call by someone else, which is a pain. They have worked around the issue for now but would like both videos loaded on the front page, rather than the second one linking off to a separate page.

The html was:

<h1>BBC Radio 5 Live features<em> Keep the Cash!</em></h1>
<p>The BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast show featured <em>Keep the Cash!</em> at Westminster City School as part of a news report on the importance of teaching young people financial literacy skills.</p>
<p>{loadposition 5livebreakfast}</p>

<h1 style="text-align: left;"><em>Keep the Cash!</em> debuts on Irish national television</h1>
<p>The launch of <em>Keep the Cash!</em> in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland was a great success, featuring on national television in both areas - the daily evening news report, <a href="http://www.u.tv/utvplayer/video/141002" title="UTV Live Tonight">UTV Live Tonight</a>, and RTÉ children's news show, <a href="http://www.rte.ie/trte/news2day/" title="news2day">news2day</a>.</p>
<p>{loadposition video}</p>

Any ideas why this isnt working?
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