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  2. Tuesday, 14 July 2020
Hi there,
I am using Revibe and trying to figure out how to insert content into Megamenu.
I created new item into the menu, save it, close it, open it again, and goto megamenu tab to enable the megamenu. Then created new row, select layout then save.
However, when I tried to drag a module from right panel into the box "Drop Module", it just won't drop or snap-in. I tested it will all of the modules, and even created a new one. none of them can be drop into the slot.
cannot drag module.png
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is it normal to have both tab available: Mega Menu tab & Helix Megamenu Options tab? it seems conflicting
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Does anyone has any comment or suggestion on how to go about this?
or am I in the wrong forum category
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