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  2. Saturday, 05 October 2019
Hi Just getting into using your ecosystem, Developing sites with Helix Ultimate and SP Pagebuilder

I need to develop a site (not eCommerce ) That works similar to a stock photo Library site The Sites will have over 4000 images. The look and feel of your simple portfolio would be perfect but would simple portfolio handle that may image and would it become a little difficult to manage I would also need to be able to search the portfolio. Is this possible
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Thanks for your query. Actually you can only search from the backend http://prntscr.com/pfwbja
But from frontend you can separate the images using tags but search isn't available in frontend.

-Best Regards
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Ok Thank you for this I have found from a previous post that I could edit a blog layout to display in a masonry layout This would solve my problem as i could the use Joomla natural search facility and have more control over the structure of the site Article I presume in the Helix Ultimate I would have to use the Joomla Picture and thumbnail feature and not use the Helix Blog Image option to get a variety of shapes portrait and landscape.

or is there a way to override the depth set in the template style option under Blog which is set to make a uniformly sized thumbnails
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Thanks for your reply. Sorry the masonry layout isn't available with default helix-ultimate. But you are always welcome to override any layout according to your wish. But sorry to say that we don't provide any custom support.

Note: We don't suggest to override any layout because with every update all of your custom override will erase.

-Best Regards
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