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  3. Tuesday, 24 January 2017
Hello and thank you for SP Pagebuilder 2.3.5

I have a minor issue I am hoping you can help with. I am using a ROW to play a background movie. I am then imposing images in that row over the movie, all one column.

In SPPB 1.x, the images and the movie all had the same margins and aligned perfectly left and right.

In SPPB 2.3.5, the width of the movie seems to be 16 pixels wider on each side than the graphics that overlay it.

I've tried to set the left and right margins to 16 in the style tab for the row, but after I click APPLY and reopen the style tab, the values are in the top and bottom fields rather than the left and right fields. No matter how I try, I cannot set left or right margins. This happens on our developer's site as well.

Here is a link to the page: http://wheatstone.com/television-products1/gibraltar-network/at-home-production-overview

And I am attaching a PDF that shows the issue with screen captures.

Please let me know how to solve this.

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Hi, I thought I'd added an image illustrating the problem, but don't see it. Here it is again.
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Any ideas?
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Can someone please help?
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Can somebody please help with this?
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Excuse me but this problem has been ignored. Can I get an answer please?

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