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  2. Wednesday, 07 August 2019
Due sir ,

When slide done in mobile view I can reach the page footerin English no any problem


But In Arabic page I can't reach the page fooetr when


I'm using JChatSocial chat plagnes

I was sent to them massage

This is was they answer ING

I've temporary fixed the issue in the chat script, take care to clear your browser cache:

However there is a sort of bug in the SP Page Builder script http://ahmed.serviceseg.com/skyline3/components/com_sppagebuilder/assets/js/sppagebuilder.js for page animations, when a mobile device is detected and CSS are RTL the SP Page Builder triggers continuosly a mouse scroll causing issue to all other scripts relying on scroll such as the chat.

You must contact the developer of SP Page Builder and inform them.

Thanks allot for your help always
Accepted Answer
Hi alaa shaaban,

I checked that when I turn off Jchat it worked correctly. Also in english version site work correctly. I have investigate that we did not write any code for RTL only. So this problem is from Jchat because if you turn off the plugin site work correctly. If the actual problem with Page Builder script then why site is working fine when Jchat is turned off.
If he know that which function or code triggering continuous mouse scroll let us know because as far my investigation I have not saw any problem.

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Thanks for your query. Actually we don't provide any support to any third party extensions. But for investigation purpose we need the super admin access of your site. Please PM me your super admin access and we'll check. And if we found any issue in our end we'll sure fix that.

Click on my avatar to get that option

-Best Regards
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