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  2. Monday, 05 August 2013
I want to use the Pheonix template. Can it be installed on Joomla 3? Or can it be upgraded to J3 after installation with 2.5, or easily converted? I have some experience with Joomla in general.

I don't mind if i can't use all the components that come with the template, so that's not a problem.
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All of our extensions are up to date with Joomla 3. So, any one can update his 2.5 templates on Joomla 3.

For phoenix its better to wait for us. Hope soon we will update it on Joomla 3. It may be after 15th of this month.

Many thanks for your interest.

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I like to see Phoenix template on joomla 3 please upgrade.;)
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Hi kosmas,
Phoenix Template compatible with joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.1.X

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