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  2. Wednesday, 28 June 2017
The front end ARTICLE editor in the Politist Template is broken and throwing the 404 error: Call to undefined method ContentViewForm::getForm().

I have confirmed that this is not an editor issue (have tested with multiple) and receive the error. I have also confirmed it is not related to php version - error occurs on 5-7)

I am able to work-around the error by forcing the frontend article editing to another template - prostar - so it is definitely a template issue.

Thanks for the input.
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Hey Paul:

Yes, Joomla 3.7.2 and php 7. Newest release of the Politist Template.

Steps 2/3 did correct the issue. After renaming the folder to formX the editor began working correctly in the template. Not exactly sure what function is lost by not accessing that folder

So I guess there is an error in the edit.php page
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Joomla 3.7 ?
I am blind without access but please try those tips:
1) Update template to last version
2) DELETE folder :: templates\shaper_policts\html\com_content\form
3) Clear CMS and Browser cache and Check again
4) If won't help - please rename that folder ::
5) Install Helix3 template and check on it set a default

after all let me know...
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You can copy only that folder from Helix3 template package and check again, so you will not "lose" anything.
Let me know after all. Thanks
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Hey Paul:

I did put the folder from Helix3 package and received the same 404 error.
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Ok, so keep without it. thanks.
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