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  2. Friday, 19 June 2020
hello, i have two sites on the same hosting, one of them sees its cache / page folder filling up and coming bigger and bigger, what can this come from?
Thank you
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The reason for creating large cache files would be:

- A lot of data is getting cached (either because it is a high traffic site or the data keeps being written to cache without reading from there, so every request is generating a new cache file)
- An extension is caching too much data (I know of at least one extension which tries to cache an object which contains the core database driver, that has a lot of information attached to it)

You may disable the cache from your global configuration or may run a cron job for auto clearing the cache folder after a certain time to prevent the folder to be filled up.

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Thank you Rashida
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Thank you Rashida
You are always welcome:)
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