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  2. Friday, 19 January 2018
I have two sites using JoomShaper templates; http://www.thepeacemakerprogram.org uses Awetive and http://www.empoweredpathwayscny.org uses Macro. Both are exhibiting a similar issue. In both cases, buttons (including the "print" buttons on articles and "Read More" button) behave themselves just fine on the home page, but are unreadable on all other pages.
On the Peacemaker site, they are all white text on white buttons. On the Pathways site, they are similar, but the white background partially retracts on hover. I am at a loss as to where this behavior is coming from. The Peacemaker site is using four different styles for various parts of the site, and they ALL exhibit this behavior.
Occasionally, a button will behave itself properly, such as the "Register" and "Invite Friend" buttons at http://www.thepeacemakerprogram.org/purchase-tickets-online/general/tables-tastings-2018, but right between them is a "Save To" button that's wonky again. It's maddening! I would appreciate any help.

Joomla Version: 3.8.3
Web Server: Apache
PHP Version: 7.0.22
Host: InMotion
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Screenshot below - this is default design for Print / E-mail for Single Article View in Helix based templates.
On homepage you have probably Category Blog view.
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About read more, it depends how you add Read more divider, you have to use Joomla button to get proper class.

<a class="readmore" href="LINK">Read more</a>

without, template doesn't know is this normal link or read more.
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styles for buttons such as the "Register" and "Invite Friend" - are not from template,
but from media/com_eventbooking/assets/css/style.css
so you have to correct them alone.
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