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  2. Wednesday, 14 November 2012
This extension works fine, if you are trying to graph charts of individual stocks like MSFT or GOOG. But a problem will show up when you want it to display the chart for a Stock Market Index, for example Dow Jones Industrial Average (symbol: ^DJI using Yahoo API). When you enter ^DJI, it will graph the chart of the index, but it will never show Dow Jones Industrial Average at the bottom along with the rest of the stock symbols from individual companies.
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I have found that the original symbols have changed and therefore you need to find the updated markers from the module that leads to fiance.yahoo.com.


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  2. SP Stock (no support)
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I'm having the same issue. DOW isn't showing up below. Any ideas? I'm using ^DJI as the 'Default Symbol':

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Has anyone figured this out yet??? I love the module and it looks great, but it is pretty important to show the DOW. I'm having the exact same problem as Kyle and Zancho when using ^DJI. The DOW will show up in the graph, but it does not show up individually at the bottom.
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  2. SP Stock (no support)
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