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  2. Monday, 10 April 2017
Hallo, I have a small problem with Breezingforms in Joomshaper Knight template. I can not edit appearance of form. Form appears, but only in that way. For example, text field where the assigned value is not executed. You can see here http://inexuzor.rs/advokat/index.php/online-kancelarija/fizicka-lica

please help
best regards
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Hello there,

Go to components/com_breezingforms/themes/quickmode/system.css file at line number 109 and then replace following code :

.bfQuickMode select, .bfQuickMode textarea, .bfQuickMode input[type="text"], .bfQuickMode input[type="password"], .bfQuickMode input[type="datetime"], .bfQuickMode input[type="datetime-local"], .bfQuickMode input[type="date"], .bfQuickMode input[type="month"], .bfQuickMode input[type="time"], .bfQuickMode input[type="week"], .bfQuickMode input[type="number"], .bfQuickMode input[type="email"], .bfQuickMode input[type="url"], .bfQuickMode input[type="search"], input[type="tel"], .bfQuickMode input[type="color"], .bfQuickMode .uneditable-input {
border-radius: 0;
background-color: red !important; /* here you can add your own background color /*

In these classes property value you can change background-color but you should use !Important.

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I sent two pictures of the screen and you can see what is in fact a problem.

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Hello there

Go to template.css file at line number 1072 and then remove the height. Check this image : http://prnt.sc/evwjyk

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