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  2. Tuesday, 25 August 2020

When I publish a form made by Joomla extension BreezingForms, it loses its appearance, some elements lose functionality, they are not in 2 columns.situation form_2_2020-08-18-2.jpg

The same pattern in the Joomla protostar template. form_1_2020-08-18-2.jpg

I would be infinitely grateful if you have any idea for this .
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probably BreezingForms using "old" boostrap2, and Protostar also uses it.
All our new templates (Gazette included) use Bootstrap 4.

As I remember only RSForms Pro allows users (webmaster) to choose Bootstrap version 2,3 and 4.

Sorry, but we cannot help you fix the appearance BreezingForms views for free,
It's on your hands only. Support Policy.
If this is a commercial project you can hire freelancer it should take him around 1h.
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Thank you
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