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I'm struggling to adjust the breadcrumbs module for these pages:

I'd like it to be placed on the right hand side, so have updated the template style to be centre right, but it's not moving.

I'd also like to adjust so it has no background colour and the links are #29c0d2.

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Hi Emily,
1) In general code customization, in on users hands only. Also because every webmaster has access to Coded Inspector from the Browser.
2) In Helix3 Documentation there is a guide on how to use custom CSS. Just read if you forgot how it works.
Small tip
a) Breadcrumbs design is from boostrap3 styles
b) This may help

.breadcrumb {background-color: transparent; float: right;}
.breadcrumb li a {color: #29c0d2}
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Fantastic, thanks for the help
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