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  2. Tuesday, 10 October 2017
I switched from the SportsOn to the NewsPlus template and now my breadcrumb isn't correct.

In the past, I create a new article and assign it to a category. I also added tags to relevant pages (assigned by a menu item).

When I click on the category or the page where I display tags, I see the story and the modules assigned to that page.

But, now it is incorrect.

I see the articles on the correct pages, but when I click on the article it takes me to a different page, so the modules that are supposed to be are not there because the article is opening on the wrong page.

Attachment 1 is the correct breadcrumb, showing the article associated with the correct page/menu item.

Attachment 2 shows the article layout page and the breadcrumb is assigning it to a different menu item.

The web site is http://www.ohiovarsity.com.

The category of the article is SOCCER (located under SPORTS menu).

The tags are Kirtland Hornets and Kirtland Girls Soccer.

Berkshire Girls Soccer is not tagged but appears in the URL, which means the modules assigned to the Kirtland page are not appearing.
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but there is a "small" problem with your theory:
1) SportsOn and Newsplus_template have not override for breadcrumb module included,
so default Joomla style is used each time.

2) Breadcrumbs are created by Joomla itself - path is based mostly on Menu relations.
So maybe ask on official Joomla forum for advice.
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If you need more flexible modules, please check features of "Advanced Module Manager" (RegularLabs)
even free version will be big bonus for you.
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