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  2. Tuesday, 05 August 2014
I have already an istallation of Joomla on my server. Now I added Bloggani Template to it and installed Helix plugin. What else do I have to install to make use of the features included in the Quickstart pack(e.g. K2)? Do I have to reinstall Joomla from the Quickstart pack?

Thanks, Nikito
Accepted Answer
Found it myself. Hard to find withing the documentation that K2 must be installed as an additional extension.
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Hi Nikito,

im in the same boat,
Want to install this template to look just like in demo
I dont want to go for the Quickpack as I had already installed Joomla 3.4
Now I added the template and the smart slider extension but I think there are more things missing??
What exactly I need to install to make it complete?
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