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  2. Wednesday, 22 April 2020
On your template Estate, the images uploaded in the Blog options tab are displayed in the blog view, but not in the single details views. Same for the images uploaded in the tab "Images and links".
But the Custom fields I added work, for images and texts. Unfortunately I think there is no possibility to add a slider in a custom field.

So why do these images in these 2 tabs are not displayed in the details article ?
Accepted Answer
Estate template doesn't have this pattern to show that image on details view of the article.
You can check it from here:
Some other template shows the featured image on both the blog view and the details view.

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On the demo template there is not such sliders in "Blog options" of Joomla articles.
Anyway, if you are sure that it doesn't work on Estate. I have to find another template.... after I had to find another extension than SP Proterty because it has no ACL.

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By the way, I think this function of displaying images in detail articles of a blog (and especially the slider) entered in the "Blog options" tab of an article, depends on the framework (Helix) and not on the template.

Do you confirm ?
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Sorry for the late response!
Many other templates build with helix ultimate have this view, I can confirm.

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