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  2. Saturday, 19 January 2019
I found that the banners (displayed by the Product-details-ad module) can be shown in the articles with "Simple" product.

For arcticles with "download" product, the banner could not be displayed.

Is it due to css problem, please advise how to solve it.

The url of my site is http://solutionssoftwaregroup.com/

The article with banner displayed - http://solutionssoftwaregroup.com/index.php/quickbooks/quickbooks-desktop/quickbooks-pro/quickbooks-desktop-pro-1-user-boxed

The article with banner could not be displayed - http://solutionssoftwaregroup.com/index.php/quickbooks/quickbooks-desktop/quickbooks-pro/quickbooks-pro-2019-1-user-download

And All Download products, which is most of them.

Template is Shopin.

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Hi Scott,
We have limited support till 22 Jan, I know nobody reads announcements, right.
Probably built-in ads position was designed for typical product only, not download type. THose are two different products views.
It would be much faster for you to add new module position and publish ads below product.
I cannot promise you improvement soon, that's why listen my advice. Be Smart. Don't wait any minute longer.
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