1. Kidzy
  2. Sunday, 19 July 2020
Hallo Support,
how can I adjust the background of # sp-top-bar differently on each page?
I find no way to assign your own ID to the # sp-top-bar.
I can change the color in custom.css, but only the same for everyone.
.itemid-101 .sp-top-bar { background-color: #8ac53f !important;} is not working.
Thank you for the answer
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Hi. You have two options. You can create a copy of the template style and add your class to the Top Bar section to use it for styling (You will need to disable the predefined header and create a custom top bar and header). And assign this copy to the desired pages.
In this case, the selector will look like this #sp-top-bar.your-class
Or you can use the page class in the menu item settings.
In this case, the selector will look like this .your-class #sp-top-bar
.itemid-101 .sp-top-bar { background-color: #8ac53f !important;} is not working.

This code doesn't work because the selector is not correct.
itemid-101 is not the parent of sp-top-bar and neither itemid-101 nor sp-top-bar are class names. They are object IDs. ID is written like this #sp-top-bar
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