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Apart from never having ever received any decent level of support on this site I must also point out that these templates are not Google friendly My template now shows a
CLS issue: more than 0.25 (mobile) on many simple pages .....Appalling
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For the benefit of any other newbies out there who like me read the forum posts in search of answers for their own issues I thought I would follow up with what worked for me.

through trial and error, deleting different sections in one of my blog articles and rechecking the mobile CLS issue I worked out it was the image layout addon that was causing the problem. Possibly as I was using this addon at the top of the page. By swapping to simple image, header and button addons it resolved the mobile CLS issue and increased the page speed. I'm not techy enough to know why but hope it might help someone else.

For anyone like me who was worried about using JCH Optimise after being told it was not compatible - that does not appear at the moment to be the cause of this specific problem.
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Online you can find many online testers (also from Google) they make a quite deeper investigation of what is wrong and give tips on how it should be improved. I was not upset during our conversation at all. I haven't seen any report from your website that's why my answers were very general. For sure in PageSpeed Insights Google you can get a score between 70-90 (green zone) for mobile view without advanced hacks.
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Hi Paul, sorry just to clarify - so the mobile CLS problem definitely won't be being caused by Helix or page builder?

I'm not asking for consultancy and I'm really sorry there has been this misunderstanding.

I didn't have a mobile CLS problem before swapping to Helix and Pagebuilder. I now have a mobile CLS problem. I'm trying to do the detective work to understand why - so that then I can research what to do about it.

A different staff member has told me JCH is not compatible with page builder hence why I mentioned it in my question, I was trying to give as much detailed information as I could, knowing that people on here are not mind readers and many issues are down to either user error or software incompatibilities.

I've now turned off JCH Optimise (as part of my own detective work), and will see if that resolves the mobile CLS problem. If you have any information you think may be useful in relation to Helix, pagebuilder and mobile CLS problems I would be incredibly grateful.

Sorry to have upset you!
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btw paul, considering the huge amount of nonjoomshaper issues you get on here why haven't you set up a consultancy on the side??
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After having spoken to support at joomshaper I retract my comment in my OP and would like to say that I got great service after explaining myself more clearly
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JCH Optimize is fully OK, many users here use it. But it requests a good configuration.
And this part is on your hands only.
Sorry, but we are not consultancy company. Each online tool has a report with tips what to improve, change etc.
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Hi, I'm really liking Helix and page builder but now all of my blog pages also have a mobile CLS issue which they didn't have before and I'm a bit clueless where to start. As its a blog I've had to use pagebuilder inside of articles

Is this likely to be because I use JCH Optimize which I've just been told isn't compatible?
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Thank you for your opinion, but I don't agree with it. I have seen a few websites built by our users which are in top30 of Google, yes based on this template.

Google Mobile optimization is a process. There are many factors that affect the evaluation algorithm.
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