1. Bogo Nicole
  2. Gazette
  3. Sunday, 10 February 2019
I have a problem with the link of the articles vertical slider on the homepage. When I click on the news entry, error 404 page is not found.

The same is the menu item News. Here it is at Addon Articles

Thanks for help.
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Thanks for your query. Please make sure you are using the latest version of the template and the pagebuilder.
Also please make sure you've created a menu item for those articles( you can create an hidden menu-item for articles categories ).
And finally please turn off the SEF and check if that works or not.
Please let me know your test result.

-Best Regards
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  2. Gazette
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Thanks! Now it works fine.

- Nicole
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  2. Gazette
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You are always welcome.
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  2. Gazette
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