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  3. Monday, 11 February 2019

I have just reorganised my blog layout. I removed the right column as... well... most of the SP Page Builder Articles were not compatible with it (they were always displaying 100% width so overlaying the right column)... This is just FYI - or maybe I was doing sth wrong, do tell if I was.

BUT I wanted to ask about sth else. In core joomla article there is this button "read more" so when you write an article, the intro text gets displayed up to this "read more" button/however it is called... for me, for any article that I create using page builder, it is just blank... and looks a bit ridiculous when you have 2 columns - i attach the screenshot... where do I input the text? I'm sure I'm missing sth...
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Thanks for your query. Somehow your screenshot isn't published properly. Would you please resend it?
I found all is working fine in my end and here is my screencast https://files.fm/u/ej95grdg

-Best Regards
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